Shattered Earth LARP

Welcome to Shattered Earth

Hundreds of years ago, in 2050, the world went through Armageddon. Volcano after volcano erupted across the world, covering the earth in ash, and plunging it into darkness and bitter cold. Humans were decimated, forced to life in the dark, barely able to breathe. But survive we did, and eventually the sun came back, allowing growth to renew, new nations to form, and civilization to take hold once again on a brand new world.

But peace was not to last, and in a climate of global mistrust, a new threat has emerged; and its happening everywhere. The things that were once just in the corner of your eye now no longer disappear; your nightmares no longer haunt you only in your dreams, and if you think something is watching you; it probably is. People are disappearing, people are dying, and the world has finally noticed.

The year is now 232AD (after darkness), and a summit has been called on neutral territory in Africa Minor, where a loose alliance of all nations called the Conglomerate are studying the ruins, plants and animals that have been found there; creatures from before the Darkness, which should not exist. You are part of that delegation, sent to pool knowledge and find out what is happening; either valued individuals sent to discuss the global crisis, or personnel sent to add to the team already in place studying the area. You are there to investigate, to learn, and ultimately, to save the world.

Event Bookings

  • Event 1

    £100 (incl. Accomodation and Catering)
    Black Hills Scout Camp, BD16 1UB